Make your simple-diy-memory-Jar



Memories, memories, memories! They are treasures……treasures that ought to be sacredly saved in pretty jars, just so you can look back one day and revel over the stories behind EVERY ONE

some are gonna be ugly, some pretty and some would just take your breathe away…oh yeaa

….still every memory is worth being saved!

Since I’m in college as you know and a diy-freak, just because I enjoy re-creatin things to my taste…I decided to just make a very simple diy memory jar to keep memorable events safe. All I used are;

  1. A jar
  2. A scissors
  3. cute-colored paper (mine in orange, cos I dig it as a memory color)
  4. Gum
  5. a stack of color papers to drop every paper (this makes your jar more colorful as it fulls)
  6. Β a marker to write


And that’s it. I recommend this, guys…because a day would come where you would want to get some memories back, sadly you cant…but it’s worth something when you read about it and you get a familiar feeling of it.

Hoping you guys are awesome today, lol.

dont forget to stay beautiful, stay True and be YOU.




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