Final Year Project Challenge; Accepted #Recommended

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Hello beauties and any handsome out there, you know for sometime now that I’ve been battling with my final year B.A research (project)…if you dont know, well, it’s my favorite topic to talk about these days. Let me just catch you up….

I’m doing a ‘Stylistic analysis on some selected poems of Niyi Osundare” from his collection, “Words Catch Fire”. My supervisor is a very difficult man to commune with, but we’ve been doing well, I think. But then again, I have a very long analysis that cuts into 6chapters without the conclusion…so, you understand when things are a bit tough for me to just stroll away to the finish

Anyways…I’ve been on a dry spell with being motivated to work these days, so I needed a pinch.IMG_3825


I know you recognize my friend from a past post…but here she is again.

We both have challenged each other on a race to finish our projects…She’s doing a creative writing study in four chapters (something I actually look forward to read) and I’m going for 7chapters……but I do have hope to finish first, so yeahhh!

I will get back to you on who wins, but, y’all should cross your fingers for us…cos the winner gets a real sumptuous dinner choice. And I do love delicious things.

So what? Let the race begins….

I do recommend this healthy competition to whateverΒ  project you involved in…. your inspiration would be hyped and your blood hot, especially if you like to win every race, just like me. Lol.

See you at the end race…

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