Hey guys, last day of the month right?…..
I’m sorry I’ve been on a dry spell, life and specifically school has something to do about it. But no excuse, of course.
I’m just too glad to be right back and to make it up to you guys….I’ll try to post at least once in two days or just daily. God help us.
,..you have something to share with the fam…just drop your comment or contact me…I am so available for you all.


So……..the month of June, huh??
This month was all batshit craaaaayyyyyyyyyy….from financial probs, to academics, to relationships and blaaahhh.. I would say the month was quite interesting for me.

And since I’m a big fan of ‘February Favorites’ but haven’t gotten a chance to do that, I have decided to indulge myself and share with you the June favorites but what do we call them, I wonder !
Just June’s?
My June joys?
I’m really bad at this…let’s just call it anything we want to.

Here they are; my very favorites gotten from the month of JUNE….


This cute candle with the strawberry scent is lit life! I plan on burning it when I finally submit the last chapter of my B.A project. It would be heaven, guys!


One of my top everyday use is this Daniel Wellington wrist watch…..there’s something so classic about it. Can’t figure what exactly, but I truly love it.

IMG_2746I attended two book readings this semester at a Forum. The first is DUL JOHNSON’s Across the Gulf ! Amazing book, plus I was honored to read drafts and drafts of the book before it’s final conclusion, so it’s really close to my heart. (did I mention the author who happens to be my Dean also dedicated the book to my set?). I just love this booook! So I got one and recommending it to you guys…
You can contact me too if you need the book…it’s a good read.

The second book and most recent is ZAINAB ALKALI’s Invisible Borders. A post on our meeting with her would come up soon, but I look forward to read the book firs and then see if it’s good enough. Allow me to just say this, this woman was a legend in my eyes when I read her books while in secondary school…it’s just amazing to finally meet her and get her new book. I’ll get back to you.


The last but definitely not the least is this perfectly colored hand-crafted bag here. I got this as a present and it’s just too cute. I’ve attached a longer handstrip on it to use it for classes and I’m planning on carrying along to my next de-stressing mission. Watch out guys.

So that’s me being back…. I hope you look beautiful Today. Stay You, Stay True.