Hey guys, welcome back second day in a row! I was pretty serious when I said I’ll move heaven and earth to be here with you guys this week. I have a test today, wish me luck and I’m excited for a couple of things I ordered online. I would show you all that immediately it’s delivered….but let’s jump into today’s post;

I’ve been nominated for my very first award by the lovely Trina from Trending with trina,    If you like my blog, you’ll totally love hers because I do. She’s exciting, lovely of course and insightful, you can check up her Monday motivations, it’s my own favorite! So check her out and thank me later 😘

The rules are simple — thank the person that nominated you, share seven facts about yourself, and nominate 15 others. I would love for you to write a fun fact about yourself in the comments, so I can get to know you a little better too, please!

1. I’m an only child with a single mother.

2. I’m a vegetarian and I love to go on adventures;

I’ve been travelling long-distance independently – since I was 10years old!

 There’s a story behind that, but we’ll get to it another    day, I hope

3. I love teas, coffee and cocoa :

it’s just sooooo good, plus I get to use my very cute collections of mugs. You see me taking coffee, tea or cocoa in every weather!

4. I don’t have a middle name :

I had thought it was ‘Rose’ but my dad told me it wasn’t since my first name is Sharon-rose not just Sharon. Why? Because Sharon in its own means plain, and that’s not good!

5. I’m a Christian :

A happy one! God has just been so good to me and everyone around me that I’m self-assured that I’ll be complete nothing without him!

6. I love to write :

I’m still not that good. But I completely adore writing and finding out new stuffs with just a group of words….my guilty pleasure, guys!

7. I’ve always fantasized about being bestfriends with Taylor swift, crashing Leonardo Dicaprio’s parties, owning a ton of Huda’s, Kylie’s, kim’s products, travelling the world and dating Idris Elba…..it’s crazy but True!

And that’s it guys! You don’t really think about these stuffs, you just quickly put them out there and wait them out. These are the seven facts about me that I could muster up…I hope you get one or two…let me hear you!

I hereby nominate …


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If you weren’t nominated for this award I’m sorry…..just do yours and tag me to check it up, I’ll love to see everyone’s. And drop down some amazing unique stuffs about you in the comment section…let’s talk guys!

Love you,