Good Wednesday guys, had to leave school to take a breather! Things are getting too stuffy in there…anyways, I’m home rightnow and I’ve been having a very well-deserved treatment. Home is always Home.

But, that doesn’t mean I left everything in school. This post was meant for yesterday, but network was too shitty, so here it is.
I share my room with two other girls….

We have Maggie, in her First year and studying Sociology.


And Favor, she’s in her second year in Accounting

And ofcos…..ME!

Anyways, we sat down for a short room mate tag, which consists of 20questions going around us three…. hope you enjoy this and let me know about your own room mates, I feel like switching sometimes, lol. But I love them both!

Under each question, you can see what everyone’s answers are…. Favor’s initial is obviously ‘F’ and Maggie’s’ ‘M’! Enjoy…

Question: Were you friends before being room mates?
All; Nope. Never seen each other before sharing rooms…

2. What was your first impression of each other?

F: Maggie was quiet but I was kinda nervous about how Sharon would treat me after I told her a little lie the last time we met

M: I thought Favor was going to be the reserved kind but not, lol.. Sharon was out rightly going to be a cool room mate

S: Maggie’s American accent startled me in the beginning and I wrongly assumed she was faking it but Favor’s inclusion to the room irritated me a little….it’s all okay now, though!

3. Who does the most house chores?
Both: Sharon!
S: I’ll like to say we do share it some way or the other!

4. Is there any habit of your room mates that annoy you?
F: Sharon talks out loud when she watches a movie and it’s annoying! Maggie’s carefree attitude towards her friends

M: Favor messes up my bed when she’s getting ready for class and Sharon sometimes just say really nasty things that annoy me

S: I just can’t understand why Maggie always goes for jogging EVERY BLESSED day…it annoys me cos I feel shitty about myself for not doing that. Then Favor has this sick habit of dragging her long feet loudly while I sleep

5.Who is the noisy room mate?

F: Sharon is a bit more noisy
M: yea, but we are all noisy
S: We all have our time of being noisy and sometimes quiet. It’s what I love about this combination!

6. Who’s the nosy room mate?

F: definitely me!
M: lol
S: Yes, Favor deserves the crown! She’s so nosy that she eavesdrop on all your conversations and when the person’s gone, she comes right onto you to get the full details.

7. If there’s anything you’ll throw out of the room what would it be?

F: Maggie’s Running shoes
S: Yess! I’ll take a bus to throw it into another town!

8. Have you ever walked in on your room mate at the wrong time?

M: ( acting confused….She doesn’t even know what the question means)

S: uhhh nooo! We are in a Faith-based private University guys…nope not here!

F: (finally catching up). Oooooooohhhhh, oooohhhmg! Lol….Nope”

9. Who sits around Naked?

F: Sharon does that a lot, but not completely nude, we all sit around half naked when we got comfortable with each other

10. Which one of you gets easily frightened?

F: Lol. It’s all Maggie

M: I don’t get easily frightened, you guys just frighten me a lot

S: Maggie is just the easiest person to prank any day anytime ….she’s so cute!

Guys, here’s the first 10 questions….would post the last 10 tomorrow. I’m so exhausted guys…and I have to get a new charger!
Don’t forget…stay beautiful, stay you and Be true!