Thursday ThoughtsπŸ†•

As you know it….we are still in my Grad week. Though, I had to leave school for a day to make my hair. Should I show you that? Well, I still will, lol. Check the new before/After picture gallery I’ll open in some hours. Hoping you’ll like it!

Buhhh….before then, let’s jump right into the first ‘Thursday Thoughtsβ›°’ post. Let me your thoughts too!!


We really have no idea sometimes…scrap that…Most of the times!!!
It’s like we exist in these little bubbles where we have no idea about how we make others feel or how we feel ourselves.
Because we are so wrapped up about how we THINK others feel about us or a situation around us! Okay….listen up!
The real truth is that NO one is actually paying attention. And if they are, it’s pathetic on their sides, still, they forget it someday

No joke, I assure you! No sad moment… Or past sorrowful event in a persons life lasts in a witness mind forever…until you bring it up and give it LiFE.

You just have to simply do the ONE thing you have been called to do for Humanity.

LIVE !!!!
In every way possible, to whatever extent and through experiences. Live it all.
Cos there won’t be a day where there won’t be stuff to hold you down. You just have to breathe through it all….

and while breathing…..make sure you’re multitasking. Don’t just breathe! Live while breathing.

Remember to stay You, stay True and Be blessed.
Love you to pieces.


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