I feel like after today, I’ll kinda loose focus and not have much time for anything,
. So, let me just get this out of the way.

It’s quite nostalgic…cos I remembered wishing for this day through my years in University. Experiencing today felt sooooo good!
But allow me to say this too….
No matter what comes your way, no matter who seems to be there for you
Never forget to always put yourself first! It’s you first! Above everyone and everything! Does that sound selfish…..great it should…cos It is.

I learnt another great lesson that Independent happiness is key. Stop waiting for people to spark it up or go to places together. Let people want to do that with you.

For the day’s activities; We had a quiet morning.
And did a little bit of the signing through…..At afternoon, we kick-started it by going round people we know and have seen around school to put their signature on our whites.

Some of the pictures are here….

After an amazing time, we had to move to the Chapel building for a sendforth and the message was so inspiring and powerful!

Currently, the Bonfire is still going on, but I’m back inside cos I can’t wait till 11pm for it. My body kinda aches already and I need to sleep through. Plus, I’m just a wuss-puss I tend to always leave parties before the end.

Allow me to tell you this…Wild Things Happen in the University. Wild and Crazy!! And That is The University Life!

Am I boring you guys already?? Well, I’m sorry I ain’t so sorry…m just too hyped.
But tomorrow is Dinner! Yasss!!

Stay You…Stay True…Be Beautiful!