Presents, Presents Presents!!! I love all presents, and since my trend has to cotinue from the graduation posts… I hereby present to you the few but very much aprreciated present I got from my grad!

Here. IT goes…

  1. Make-upIMG_3639

First off, its these Kylie babies I got! It’s so hard getting an original here in Nigeria, so I was mindblown when my Friend got this for me. Shade in kourtk and Dolce K with an Iman clear lipgloss, since guys, I’m obsessed with clear lipglosses, it just makes your lips so shiny and plumpier. Love it! And ofcos, a cute orange ‘long’ cup from my friend here in school, she knows I love drinking stuff!



Second goes my set of Jewelries. I swear, I cant even remember which is from which. But ofcos, I remember who the real Gold ring comes from. She’s one of my Mom’s closest friends and I’m so glad the Gold is real and I have a bit of more savings, lol. It just feels so good knowing you have a REAL GOLD RING! dayummm! And I do love my other jewelries a lot too. Especially the bracelets from my Mommy (She knows those are my favorite jewelries), the earrings from two of my aunties, a friend and some sets of CUTE earrings from my bestfriend too. So, my collection of jewelries has upped up, guys.



These here are sets of jotters and books given to me by my own friends here in school. It has their faces right on it. As of today when I’m uploading this, I can vouch of 11 of these jotters from Joy Anom, Favour Jibril, Racheal Joji, Naanpoe Maimako, Alheri, Favour Ishaya, Jemima David, Gift Iwuno, Bola Saliu and Faith Echu ofcos. Sorry guys, I just have to give credits to these girls. Anyways, the cute purse righthere is from my sweet room mate Favour Akosa, you can go check up the room mate tag to see her.

4.HOT PLATEIMG_3641I feel this is from my mom, but my aunt said she got it. And the first thing guys, my friend said when we unwrapped this was that it was a sign that I should start packing up for my first home. Which I am excited for. But, I will also acknowledge the fact that I’m a bit scared to. I don’t feel ready to be THAT responsible, but I do know I have to be. So, this hot plate is gonnaa be of great help I guess. I’m just so glad that I have you guys through all the growing, yucky-adult stuff, lol.

5. WINE AND CUTE CUPCAKESIMG_3640One of my favorites cos it came from my GRANDMA!!!!! Mama knows I love good wines and she got me valeta a nice and soft non-alcoholic wine because Its from grandma, and I hear grandma knows it best. The cupcakes were customised and it read CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GRADUATION SHARON in black and white! I wanted that black and white cake so bad that I screeched when I saw them. Well. the cupcakes, all 37 of them were shared amongst my family, friends and myself. We loved it. But the wine was shared amongst my closest friends in which I just toasted to the few years I knew them for. They have been amazing and that was what I was greatful for.


IMG_3645Yup! If you know me by now…you know I am obsessed with cute and mostly Decors. So, these are from my closest friends rightnow. My friend, Phoebe got me that wall flower in a basket, in which I cannot wait to findout where I can put it and the other present is from my room mate also, one of the sweetest with a message of how good of a friend I am. I dont know, but I feel like she might’ve exaggerated it a bit. But no one is complaining here. I love it, seriously.



A minion Cake!!! GET OUTTA HERE! that was my first reaction. How cute are minions in the first place, and how amazing do they look as a cake? Well, ofcos, I ate it all but I did feel a bit bad as the knife pierced through it. It’s okay. I’ve gotten over seeing them butchered in pieces. Anyways, this is one of the very very top! WShy, you may ask, or not. But I’ll tell you anyway. It was jointly given to me by my school best friends that graduated like 2 year back, ESther Disa, my girl, day in day out, Dupe Amosun, my baby and the beautiful and creative Amaya Simeon. She has a youtube channel anyway, you can go check her out “Amaya Simeon”. Plus, my school sissy too visited me twice, which I loved.



Whattt!!! I got a laptop. And the funny story is that I actually needed one. Ofcos, I’m done with school stuff on my old laptop which is getting too old for me. But, right within me, I was hoping for a little miracle in a box, this laptop. I went crazy unwrapping this and it felt so sleek and new and cute and a LOT of things. Tip: I’m currently posting from the new laptop FYI. My Uncle got this for me and it got me too excited.


Undisclosed. I just got some Naira in Cash that day. It’s a great gift especially when your graduant still has to stay in school for some time after the grad. It’s helping me now and I get to add to my savings also. Dont forget guys, Savings are paramount for the life awaiting us all.


Yess, just because I showed you all my present doesnt mean that was it all. But the very best were the people that showed up for me to just celebrate with me. Guys, I assure you that if you’re wondering what to get a loved one for their graduation and you can’t afford much… Just gas your car and be there for them. They would not forget seeing you on that day for a long time. For me, having my whole family, their own family, friends and Uncles was the best part of the day for me. It made me so happy to know they celebrate with me also.


And that is it for me. But let me show you what I customised for my very very close firends. In which I wrote them a note of how great and shitty knowing them have been, lol. In all, I wrote out 10 notes in 10 journals and gave out 60 plain ones to my other firends in school. This is how everything looks from the outside

IMG_3642It is a gratitude journal that has my face on it, just so they can stareee all the day at me, (which can be creepy at some point, lol) but just so they can remember me in all moments they feel most grateful. I wish I can send these to atleast two of my very beautiful readers. BUT i dont know how, so if you can help me with that…please, do. I need to do a give away anytime soon.

Thank you so much if you got to this part, I know the post has been so long. But I had to share it all with you guys and tell you how much I enjoyed my presents. So, I present to you Ideas you can use next time.

P.S.  I have 4 exams to write next week and amidst it, I have to share some tips for exams. Tell me which you want and I’ll definitely deliver.