Next week would be the very last University Exams week for me…..Degree level, I mean.

So, as I’m preparing for my final exams at 5:31am WAT, I want to debunk 3 major lies I’ve heard about exams…

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  1. Stress Reading is wrong for Exams

ohhhh pls!

Okay!! Let me just quickly say this, everyone is different. And that includes your assimilation process. I mean, ofcos there are some people who enjoy the long tedious and slow process of reading through the semester, dont get me wrong, I’m not against that. It’s just that, some of us are not engineered that way, I AM DEFINITELY NOT! And that doesn’t mean I dont enjoy the slow reading, it is just not effective for me.

SO, let’s debunk the fact that experts have proven that stress-reading is bad for exams and accept that we all are not engineered the same…and you would need the whole of Indiaย  to be experts before you provide something for everyone.

Truth is, I love reading a lot, but for my exams….I could go 10hours to read a whole material and that shit would stick like crazy. So, just do you bae.

2. Putting your feet in ice water keeps you awake

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I am so annoyed at this big fat lie that I really want to slap its ear off. Okay, so one time I was in school and had this very important exams that could decide my future, my friend then brought this trending-method and swore by it.

Ofcourse, I, the ever trusting fellow just fell into this trap and became a victim. At 11pm or around that I started dozing off and decided to drop my feet into the bowl down there..

10 mins…15mins….nny brain disconnected from my feet and I just began loosing consciousness to everything around me.

Added more water after I pinched myself and looked over at my friend who has gone so deep in sleep with her legs trapped inside

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Story short…I woke up in time to write my exams and never repeated it again.

Don’t rely on that shit!

3. Your Girl/Boy would have your back in the Hall

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They are your friends right? Good! and that’s great! But the truth is they are here also to make good grades not just sit down waiting around for you to ask them the next answer to your exam questionsImage result for friends in examsThe very best thing you can do to help eachother is to motivateย  one another to study deep. That’s all. Plus, lots of things could go wrong….your seating arrangements might be messed up or something new. GAG is, just be always prepared to write everything all by yourself.

And you will! And that is it guys….allow me to go back to my studying…I love you!

And to anyone writing exams currently,


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Who can relate to this, I know I do…it’s lit me in pictures sometimes

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Image result for friends in examsImage result for friends in exams