Final days in University is bitter-sweet! You have to just knack up and get ready to say goodbyes to some of your bestfriends of four years. It’s kinda sad

These are people you’ve practically grown with for close to 30months. Some have turned family and even strangers are familiar to you

It doesn’t even matter who hates who or loves who at the moment. Everything has led you to this particular moment.

The fights, disagreements, hates, loves, hugs, kisses, scratches, hickeys and all sorts of changes have led you HERE. Right here. Where you are. Who you are.

But then, you do have to move on and accept the truth, which is;

This might be the last time you’ll be seeing most of them…Some might leave the country, others forget your face or lose your number and sadly, some are just gonna be washed out of the world.

It’s the truth. And its sad.

So, I have been asking myself this question; what then do I have for the last 4years….What apart from my Degree?

I know I have friends too, beautiful friendships and things I’ve gained, but the most important seem to be the EXPERIENCES!!!!

Every darn EXPERIENCE…the good bad the ugly and whatsnot. I love them all, they made me something amazing and its shining within the hollows of my heart.


So, cherish the last days, let them count and gain more experiences, it doesn’t matter which; Just live through the moments

I hear the outside world is just a monster…have some fun!


Love you all!