People are sure gonna talk talk talk talk; and all you have to do is Shake It Off, Shake it Off, uh uh ohh (in Tay Tay’s Voice) lol.

Yes! Its a bit sad for me to see this series getting to its end point, but every beginning sure has an end…now, lets talk about No.7

While in my first year, I had this horrible fear of being the subject of discussion, it was so destabilizing that sometimes I hide the real ME behind inorder to please a particular purpose

But with time and experiences bumped by University, it starts to get real that people are sure going to talk; it never matters what it is you do or dont do…

when you fail, they talk; You win; they talk; You hide; they question and talk; You don’t do anything; they suspect and still talk

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So…they always talk, anyways! why not give them something to talk about. Something for them to chew on and keep busy?

This was what I learned at a middle part of my life in University and what I did was to just be the best version of myself, with no limitations

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Everything turned around; Yes of course, people still talk, but this time I control what goes around because I have the best cards… I might have some negative mills around, but my best cards always show up at the end.

Did the gossip stop, NO! But people get bored easily and through that gossip….. you gain more audience to show your awesome’nessImage result for gossipers

Proving people wrong has always been the truest form of a payback; you do it well and get it right!

Dont forget….Stay True, Stay You and remain Beautiful