Thursday Thoughts🆕

As you know it….we are still in my Grad week. Though, I had to leave school for a day to make my hair. Should I show you that? Well, I still will, lol. Check the new before/After picture gallery I’ll open in some hours. Hoping you’ll like it! Buhhh….before then, let’s jump right into the […]

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a little pain….

The pain that does not go…. it starts with a little spark that flames their anger… that anger in turn flames up hunger A Hunger that exists in children that are subsequently in danger… you see, that danger has turned you, Me,, she and he to a stranger…..   let me me tell you how […]

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Originally posted on Mehgram:
I’ve been staying awake all night wondering how I should tell you Have you ever wondered whether each colour has a special sound? Like if you could hear them speak? My first girlfriend was lilac She never stopped babbling about how depressed she was How every night seemed like armageddon And…

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Soooooo…..I’m back to school and already hunched over my computer to do some corrections on my project! You guys!!! Whosoever lied to you about school being easy should be locked in a cage. THAT IS A BIG LIE! I hate these last days… much to do with little time. The only good thing is that […]

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Meet my Room mateS! #RoommateTag

  Good Wednesday guys, had to leave school to take a breather! Things are getting too stuffy in there…anyways, I’m home rightnow and I’ve been having a very well-deserved treatment. Home is always Home. But, that doesn’t mean I left everything in school. This post was meant for yesterday, but network was too shitty, so […]

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