Plans on expanding the Blog

Who was I ever kidding when I said, “I just want a personal closed space online where I can control for myself” just weeks into creating this blog. Guys, the truth is….I am social-media phobic! I worry about too much and then over-think myself into thinking I don’t even worry. It’s complicated, I know. BUT, […]

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Monday Motivation: YOU

Oh Monday! How refreshing you can be! Reality check….it’s Monday, guys! A special excuse to start again, to begin that journey, make that change,  to get reminded that everyone wants what you want, but you want it anyway. A new day of the week you are allowed to wear your power suit and hustle. On […]

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Weekend Naps and Budgeting

Oh yeahhh!!! Naps Naps Naps…. I have been on the road for quite some time now, that I’m in dear need of a long nap. A long lazy nap that will get me opening up my eyes for some minutes and then lazily closing it back. Let’s just say, my body is on a shut-down.

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Friday’s Favorite Bloggers

Fridays are just my loves. I feel like I’m gonna have to get married on a friday, just to justify how deeply I feel about it. Today, I start this sorta friday shout-out and recommendation to blogs I’ve loved through the week and bloggers I’ve connected with. These are blogs that have impacted me for […]

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