Meet this week’s; GUEST WRITER


This week has been crazy for me, but its also been exciting!

I’m super excited to tell you guys that there’ll be a blog takeover for this week and some weeks to come. That means, I would have some very interesting people posting content for this blog and you guys…. I am so stoked for this new activity and a little bit scared that you might like them better, thereby kicking me out!! LOL. Read more

It all sucks!

Have you ever just come across that girl/guy you walked away from? The one you once thought wasn’t good enough for you and all you see rightnow is that, you’re actually the one not good for him rightnow….

That feeling just sucks….. Read more

10 things University has Taught me in 4years; Day 2

First of all, I want to quickly apologize for my little lateness, I hope you guys are still sticking strong to me. Okay! Lets get back to this very challenge.Image result for savings in school

For number two, I would say the art of savings.

Every real university/college student should understand the art of being broke .

I mean, if you dont understand this, then I’m sorry. Because my truth is, I am 70% broke in all my stay in school, so you gotta learn the ropes to get past that Read more

A Generation without God: Generation Z

Image result for generation without God

The Generation Z is an easy generation! We live freely, obsessed with trends, hold on to the society, keep tabs on sophistication, do things impatiently….and tag ourselves, “the multi-taskers” because we could still live our pitiable but exciting life to the fullest and still at the same time, forget the whole existence of God, or just ignore it all.

How amazing are we?

I mean, Freedom equates the level of ignorance you have on religion Read more

10 things University has taught me in 4years; INTRODUCTION



Four years in university and I’m still learning somethings daily! The truth is, Colleges and universities are not just an excuse for you to get good grades, they also provide you with numerous opportunities to do things differently.

In ten days, I will share one important thing daily of what University has managed to teach me in four years.

If you’re planning on getting into the university or a college, I do advice that you pay attention to some of these things as they would prepare you to the adventurous, sweaty, busy, loud, stressful, and beautiful life of college/university

and if you are already in the environment, I want to know what experience you relate to the most and what year are you in college/university!

Guys, I’m pretty stoked for these post coming up and I hope you stick with me for the daily post till the end of the tenth day….. I love you and appreciate your patience and faith in me…

Are we ready????!!!! yeahhhhhh…..I’m so glad to be back here with you.

See you in few hours for Day ONE……Stay You, Stay True and be Beautiful!